We have made a huge decision – to put our house on the market.  With that has come a mix of emotions  –  the heartache of leaving a much-loved home full of memories behind and the excitement of the adventure of finding something new. It has also resulted in action, action, action – cleaning, tidying, throwing out and decorating. My goal is to make the most of this 30-something year old lady abode.  There are some bits of her that could do with a makeover, but basically she’s clean, solidly built and well maintained. I’m keen to show you some of what we’ve been doing to highlight her good features
I am starting at the far end of the house – my bathroom and dressing room.  We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and have a large garden.  So I’ve picked a variety of leaves and the odd flower and placed them in bottles along the window sills of these 2 rooms.
Some hints to create a bottled botanical display for yourself
1.  Recycle soda or other suitable bottles.  Scrub the labels off and wash well.
2.  Place a few spoons of bleach in the bottle.  Swirl around and empty out or into the next bottle and repeat.  This slows algae from growth in the water.
3.  Fill the bottle with water.
4.  Wonder around your garden, or the neighbourhood and look for leaves you can use.  You’ll probably be surprised at what you find.  A dried twig or 2 would also look good ☺