Scan Art Durban, curated by Heather Pattenden launches today, hot on the heels of artSPACE Durban‘s 10th birthday celebration week. 

Wood – Carpet Hooks
wood scan scanography
Wood Triangle and Squares

An open call was issued to “anyone interested in exploring the digital scanner as an alternative creative medium… get involved in a fun and exciting exhibition!”

Scan art a fascinating form of photography.  Using the glass plate of a scanner, it brings the subject right up to the ‘lens’.

I responded to the call, and this is some of the work I submitted.  No editing is allowed.  The pic has to be submitted as it was scanned.

I chose a wood theme, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

The exhibition is in the middle gallery of artSPACE durban and will run until the 5th October 2013.

Wood – Shoe Horns


Wood scan scanography!