Wooden Collection Story – There is something so pleasing about having collections of similar things – Similar shapes, Similar sizes, similar uses and similar colours.  


For a while I have been collecting wooden goodies – spoons, apples, egg cups, bowls, knife handles and even a shoe polish brush and an African comb.

Objects made from the same natural substance, and yet appearing so different in their sameness.  
This small part of my wooden collection on display in my living room at the moment is part of a much bigger woody stash.

 Wooden Collection

I remain inspired by this Wallpaper Magazine cover from 2011 – and an entire wooden wall installation is still on my Got-to-do-one-day list! 

Woodworking requires a completely different kind of thinking and problem-solving ability than writing. With writing, you take a set of facts and ideas, and you reason your way forward to a story that pulls them together. With woodworking, you start with an end product in mind, and reason your way backward to the raw wood. Joshua Foer