In keeping with our Christmas decorations, we created an Easter Bunny Print version.  These little rabbits are decorative and useful too.  The pockets can be filled with nutritious treats – Nuts, raisins, fruit rolls, cranberries or whatever you  like.  They look so cute hidden in the garden too.  

Easter Bunny Print
Easter Bunny Print


Healthy and Fun

Easter Gift Alternatives

Easter Bunny Print Pieces – The Story Behind Them

I created the Easter  decorations in collaboration with designer Christy Angelozzi.  Together we designed the patterns, and screen-printed them onto 100% cotton.  We then stitched, stuffed and trimmed them, and finally filled them with treats.

According to a article Easter Symbols and Traditions the Easter bunny has it’s origins in Germany.  It was known as an Osterhase and was an egg laying hare!  

Christy and I love working together.  See our collaborative Christmas Decor and  Christmas Star range.

Easter Bunny Print