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The Shaw Sisters
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Kingsley Heath
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Miss South Africa Pageant
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Kingsley Heath
Miss South Africa Pageant
Miss South Africa Pageant

Paper Origami Shirts – DIY

A quick tutorial to fold Origami Shirts  - just in time for Father's Day.  This pattern is based on the well-known Origami Money Shirt.  Do you remember?  We made a whole set of them a while ago from Monopoly Money.  However, this version is made from plain printer...

Folded Book Buck – Springbok Trophy

Recently we completed a commission to create a Folded Book Buck Trophy!   You may have seen that years ago I had made a quick prototype.  Consequently I found the prospect of fine-tuning the design quite exciting.  We created a fair size herd.!  As a result a Freshly...

Decorative Geometric Shapes

We were recently commissioned to create a set of these geometric shape pieces as table decor for an event company.  We enjoyed making them, and now, as a result are delighted to add these polyhedron objects to our portfolio. Before I packed them into a box, I quickly...

Paper Origami Cranes and Lilies

We've just finished folding a few hundred origami shapes for a re-launch function in Johannesburg.  We created the traditional Japanese Origami Paper Cranes and Lilies for the event.  The launch of the Yellow Pages Online Directory. Not only did we create traditional...

Pure White Paper Proteas

An enormous batch of paper proteas.  Perhaps the largest we've ever created.  It was a delight to make up this bunch for a corporate client in Cape Town. We've been making proteas for years, and they remain a fresh vibrant paper flower option. Freshly Found is based...

Twist Dyed Tablecloths with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – DIY

What a wonderful opportunity for free creative expression.  A friend asked me to help her create a number of Twist Dyed tablecloths for a function.  Neither of us had tried it before.  We put in some research, and were delighted with the result.  It was a great...

Paper Apples – handcrafted from books

We are keen to explore new directions in our paper work for clients, and were delighted to make up some paper apple prototypes from recycled books.  The apple shape, is a bit like the heart shape - familiar, simple and pleasing with soft curves. We were very happy...

Stage Design – Curtain of Paper Leaves

Recently I was involved in designing a paper installation for an exciting stage backdrop. The stage decor team at my church CityHill Hillcrest, decided on a paper leaf theme to coincide with Autumn and to have an beautiful opportunity to recycle discarded office...

Frazer Parfum Origami Lily

Friday night was the relaunch of Tammy Frazer's Parfum Shop.  It was a delight to make up origami lilies from Crane's Crest 100% cotton paper for the event. Frazer Parfum is a bespoke creative perfume house working only with high quality natural raw materials.  The...

Mild Mustard

Just finished a Dusty-Yellow coloured paper project!  Hand painting the paper with this warm colour has endeared me a little to this hot dog hue. Mustard Proteas! SaveSave

Poetry Store Window – Poetry in Motion

Poetry Collection stores have been running a fund-raiser to counteract illiteracy.  We were delighted to make up book strings for The Shaw Sisters who supplied them to stores countrywide for this campaign.  The promotion has been running since early July and is...

Packaging Proteas.

A bunch of these were delivered to Nampak Sacks this week, to thank them for passing on some of their packaging waste, so that we can make beautiful proteas.     A whole bunch of these will be at The Design Indaba Expo next week too.   


Confetti - A multitude of pieces of paper... Things have been quiet on the social media side, because I have been so busy with a multitude of Freshly Found projects and orders. This custom made confetti from differently textured papers is the most recent one to be...

Durban Event Accessories -Paperwork for a Press Day

There's been a whole lot of paper work going on here lately, and we were delighted to provide Freshly Found Lilies for each of the guests at a very special local function this week.  Durban [and the whole country] is buzzing with the imminent launch of Mr Price...

Taarrrraaahhhh! Those Lampshades!

Finally, I get to show you the lampshades I wove for our large church entrance hall foyer!  We have been updating the look of the reception area - It was my job to weave 8 lampshade covers from posters we have used at our church over the past years! You may...