Puzzle Pot – Perfect for Dry Arrangements

This is a post about an item I created a while ago.  (A retrospective documentation of an item that I so enjoyed creating.)  This puzzle pot formed part of the Intellectual Property Exhibition at Alliance Francais in Durban earlier this year.  It was the...


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Springbok Silhouette Mobile – Hand-cut Map Paper

I've been wanting to work with silhouettes of South African animals and this chandelier-mobile gave me the chance.  It is entitled Sit-Spring-Stand and is one of a trio that I am exhibiting at The Intellectual Property 2017 Exhibition at The Plant in...


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A Light Fitting From Suspended Fondue Forks

I am always on the lookout for interesting material that is no longer needed.  I've wanted to do something with fondue forks for a long time. Ever since I started noticing bulging mounds of them for sale at our local SPCA charity store. I experimented with...