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Peg People

Peg people – a quick fun project.  Make up a community of useful helpers. Here’s How to DIY: Click on the link below, and download the pattern. Print it out and cut out the peg strips. Leave plain or decorate. Glue the strips to the peg with wood glue....

Geometric Paper Desk Set

Stationery Storage – Desk set.  This is a variation on the paper terrariums from last week.  Follow the instructions, but cut out only 2 of the windows. This allows easy access, while partially obscuring the contents. I used paper from an old atlas.  It’s...

Paper Terrarium DIY

It’s been very pleasing to see beautiful angular terrariums in so many places lately.  The vibrant geometric shape softened by the fresh green leaves of the resident plants makes a great decor item. A paper terrarium is an innovative variation of the original...


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