Last week I had some time to work on finishing off some products for Edenwell. It was simple, stitching and stuffing, and it gave my mind the perfect rhythmic space to reset.  I often listen to podcasts when I work, but on this day I worked in silence.

Creativity and Contemplation

I was unsuspecting and surprised! I gained and clarity and insights on some areas of my life and plans for the future.  Something about my hands being busy, and my mind being free opened up space for me to hear from God.  The insights were refreshing and made me excited.  I did not set out to resolve anything when I started work, but it turned out to be a significant moment.  I am grateful that God used that time to speak to me. Times of quiet creativity and contemplation may not always have such profound outcomes as this, but they restore and ground us never-the-less.

This is not something new.  This was just one of my own experiences that I decided to take note of and document.   

Creativity and Contemplation


Some More to Explore

  • Alabaster Co have an interesting  Guided Christian Meditation that you may enjoy.  Have a listen to:  Art as Worship. 
  • The Pincushions – I filled the cute wooden eggcup and serviette (napkin) ring with some stencilled vintage linen fabric to make a sweet pincushion.  If you would like to see more of my printing journey – have a look here.  The pincushions will be documented soon on Edenwell too.