A fresh batch of Christmas House Print Pillows!  Created from recycled cotton napkins and charcioal denim.

A while ago, my daughtrer was throwing out some old 100% cotton serviettes or napkins.  I decided to hang on to them, and use them for a screen-print project.

Because the napkins were a deep rust colour, I decided to bleach them.  As a result, a rich buttery cream colour emerged.  The strong cotton handled the bleaching well.  

Christmas House Print
Christmas House Print

Firstly, I designed a house pattern on Inkscape.  Then I printed the design on my home computer, and used it to cut out a paper stencil.  I screen-printed the house in 2 halves.  First the walls and windows section, then the roof.

I added different plant and leaf detail to each house cushion  I used a stencil and fabric paint, and positioned these randomly.   Then I embellished the printing with French Knots.  These added lovely textural interest, and tiny highlights of colour.

Christmas House Print

I bought some 45cm cushion inners, and some charcoal coloured denim.  The denim toned in with the print paint, and contrasted beautifully with the creamy napkin.  

The serviettes were made up ito 6 zippered cushions.  All-in-all, a satisfying print project and a lovely recycling project!

These pillows will be on display at the Talloula Christmas Showcase this weekend.  

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