The Story of the Giant Paper Rose

Don’t you just love it when some one just Gets You?  I have friend who knows how much I love to recycle paper.  She intentionally hangs onto all the old used posters that find their way into her office, and then passes them on to me.  

I am busy compiling an online paper rose workshop.  When it was time to make some giant roses, the poster paper came in so handy.  It is firmer and thicker than normal printer paper, so can handle being made into a larger bloom very well.  

The lovely surprise came when they were completed.  I used the white underside of the post as the top facing side of the rose.  As a result,  the colured print added a beautiful gentle hue that showed through.  

These are going to be at home in a large jug in my lounge.  But they will also make beautiful single bridal bouquets too.  

Giant Paper Rose

Beyond The Giant Paper Rose

I fondly recall a project we did a few years ago for Frazer Parfum.  We created large Origami Lilies from gorgeous cotton paper for the launch of the new store.  Each of these blooms were doused in a unique fragrance, for the guests to enjoy.  What a wonderful experience it must have been!

We have created roses from recycled papers before.  Do you remeber the gorgeous gentian dyed book-print buttonholes?  How about the map paper roses?

The roses created from enveolpe paper were gentle and probably one of my all time favourites.

We hope to have a full Paper Rose Making Online Course shortly.  In the mean time, chat to us if you would like us to make up a small batch for your special event.   

Spirals of printed and patterned paperpaper

Paper Rose Gallery