I decided to try my hand at making my own Folded Magazine Side Table after showing this one last week. It is quite delightful and adds a dose of colour and humour to my living room! I topped it with a display of vintage silver dishes.

I love it when my home evokes reaction from visitors, and this ‘table’ certainly has! …What is it? …How did you make it?
This is how you can make one too: You will need 4 magazines with good quality pages.
Open the magazine and take 6 pages at a time. Roll the outside edge of the pages to the centre of the magazine. Keep going round until all the pages have been ‘folded’ in this way. Do not make a sharp creased fold, just a gentle roll fold. There is no need to glue or stick – the pressure of the folds keeps everything in place.
Finally take the 2 cover pages and fold them in half – outwards. This must be a sharp fold.
Repeat with the next magazine – then position these 2 semi-circles back to back. Staple the 2 covers together, close to the spines of the mags to join into 1 circle. Repeat with the other 2 magazines and then stack the 2 cylinders on top of each other. I separated the layers with a tray, but they can be stacked directly on top of one another. Enjoy! And when you are over your table – recycle responsibly!